Sedum matting

All our Sedum mats are grown on our own farm in East Knoyle, Wiltshire, near Salisbury. We grow our Sedum from seed and cuttings and have a stock of plug . When you buy Enviromat sedum matting from Turfland you can be confident that you will be recieving the very best in quality, customer service and value for .

EnviroMat – Sedum Plants On A Roll, sedum ground and roof cover, buy sedum online, sedum quote, installation guides and dowloads. An easily installed living green roof system to give instant plant coverage. Suitable for newbuilds or for retrofitting. Enviromat All-In-One sedum matting combines .

Lindum SedumPlus is a sedum mat for green roofs containing sixteen types of sedum offering many colours and enhancing biodiversity. SedumPlus is a pure sedum mat, sustainably grown in the UK and sown with sixteen stunning varieties of sedum to combine drought tolerance with extended . Our Green roof sedum blanket is a pre grown vegetation covering. The blanket is a layered system designed to achieve instant vegetation coverage, with a rich . At the Malvern Spring Show a firm was selling sedum matting as a roof.

Along with our selection of sedum plug plants we sell sedum matting. This product can be rolled out to give a more instant green sustainable . We are specialist growers of green roof Sedum.

Top quality UK Sedum matting and modules with different varieties for colour and texture. Sedum-planted vegetation mat for extensive green roofs. The mats combine the functions of drainage, filtration, water storage and nutrient source, forming. For specialist installation of sedum matting York – contact Paul Cox Landscaping. Garden design ideas and technical information on Enviromat sedum matting for groundcover and green roofs.

SMART box (Sedum Modular Advanced Roof Tray) – Sedum Supply Limited . Icopal Sedum Mat – pre-grown planting provides a low maintenance solution extensive sedum green roof with instant impact. If you want to encourage pollinating insects into your garden but don’t fancy anything that grows as tall as a wildflower meadow, Enviromat sedum matting . With the growth in popularity of green roofs, sedum matting is the ideal low maintenance and drought resistant solution. The sedum matting is made up of a . Groendak aanleg met Sedum Ecofoam cassettes.

Sedumworld speciaal geproduceerd om het gewicht per mat te beperken tot slechts kg.